A performance by the collectif Antimatière

Réseaux – Adrien Vaquié

Réseaux is a scenic project whose research focuses on interdisciplinarity. In our opinion, the marriage of plastic techniques and live performance gives rise to projects with an original dramatic context. Our interdisciplinary approach – music, dance and painting – apprehends the form and the process as well as the content.

Réseaux proposes an interrogation of the links between individuals who use the most diverse platforms to communicate. The entire space is occupied by a network of elastic bands connected to a screen behind which the artist paints narrative images, sometimes abstract and poetic, like an animated film. Two bodies, caught in this network, explore it and little by little appropriate it. The choreographic gesture of the painter meets and dialogues with the bodies through this network. The third body, that of the musician, echoes them.

50 minutes

Painting Joël Dewarrat
Music Adrien Vaquié
Dance Margaux Monetti and Sarah Waelchli

Collectif Antimatière

Performed in the frame of Fête de la Danse 2018 in Fribourg