Lost Threads

A piece by Sarah Waelchli

With an energy tinged with melancholy, four dancers share with us their way of living stress in an era where everything goes faster and faster, where the pressures on individuals are stronger and stronger, where everything is measured in performance and success: the fear of not being able to do it, of not being up to it, of being overwhelmed by events.

I would like to propose an exploration of this theme based on a subjective feeling that echoes in each of us. In collaboration with the dancers, I worked on their physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms, and tried to translate them into movements and situations. The image that served as a guideline: an excessive stress on a material: it deforms, tires, breaks. Any attempt to return to the original state is futile, the material and its fibers being much more vulnerable than they were before. In all cases there is a change of state and a risk of breaking. The dancers embody this tortured material and try to give it back a form from the memory that their physical sensations awaken.

Little by little, consciousness emerges, along with the strength of the presence of others.

Concept and choreography Sarah Waelchli in collaboration with the perfomers
Performers Lea Burkart, Claire Dessimoz, Roshanak Morrowatian, Sarah Waelchli
Music Immanuel De Souza
Lighting Marzio Picchetti
Graphic design Nicolas Monguzzi

Financial supports and residences
Fondation Ernst Göhner
and Fondation L’Abri
Le Dansomètre in Vevey, l’Annexe 36 in Lausanne, L’Abri in Genev and la Bergerie de Sofin in France

Friday 6th and saturday 7th of november 2015 at 20:00 in L’Abri – Espace culturel pour jeunes talents