The Collective

The SCHRITT collective emerges from a silent din. It is what movement is to instruments, sounds to dance. A common walk – a common approach – born from the collaboration between two dancers – Margaux Monetti and Sarah Waelchli – and two drummers – Cyril Bondi and Luc Müller. With KlangTanz#2 (2020) the collective, which did not yet bear its name, was born. In 2022, it asserts its identity – SCHRITT – for the realization of new projects in gestation.

Margaux Monetti

Margaux Monetti graduated from the Conservatoire de Perpignan and continued her training at the Ecole du Ballet Junior de Genève. After graduating in 2011, she joined the Gilles Jobin Company and then the LaRibot Company as an intern. More recently, in 2022 she obtained a CAS in cultural mediation in Lausanne.

In 2012 she joined the Cie 7273/Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon with whom she still collaborates today. In parallel, since 2014, Margaux has been dancing with different choreographers of the Swiss scene such as Fabienne Berger, Marisa Godoy, Cindy Van Acker, Perrine Valli, Yan Duyvendack and the Collectif Woman’s Move/Elsa Couvreur and Iona D’Annunzio. More recently she has been working with Yasmine Hugonnet and has participated in Mark Lorimer’s creation Canon and on and on… scheduled for September 2021.

Margaux begins her artistic collaboration with the Compagnie Agneta&Cie/Sarah Waelchli in 2019 with the show Part. She takes an active part in the generation as well as the interpretation on stage in other shows like KlangTanz#2 or Mouvances Sonores and takes care of the cultural mediation generated by the company. Projects that follow certain creations – such as KlangTanz#2 – or on their own – such as La Semaine Signature, and more recently, La Semaine Signature in residence – are the result of her work.

Sarah Waelchli

Sarah Waelchli (Photo: Nicolas Monguzzi)

Sarah Waelchli attended the Ballet Junior dance school in Geneva in 2006. In 2012, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance at the Folkwang Universität der Künste (Germany).

Since then, Sarah focuses on her personal projects which she has presented in Switzerland, France, Germany, England and Armenia: Into the Stream (2012), 1, 2, 3 Echo (2012), Polly&Me (2013), Lost Threads (2015), Walk to the 10 (2017), Part (2019) and KlangTanz#2 (2020).

At the same time, she works for Cie Alias, Mike Winter, Perrine Valli, Zanco, Nadia Beugré and Melissa Cascarino in Geneva, Claire Dessimoz in Lausanne, Filippo Armati in Ticino, Les Héros Fourbus in Sion, the Helmnot Theater in Dresden, Elena Weber & Myriam Sutter in Zurich and Philippe Giraudeau in Lausanne, Geneva and Berlin. She also collaborates with the Collectif Antimatière in Fribourg and Jacqueline Pasanisi in Winterthur. In 2019 she will start a research with the percussionists Luc Müller and Cyril Bondi, as well as the dancer Margaux Monetti.

In 2016 she obtained a CAS in Dramaturgy & Text Analysis, the same year she opened, with 8 other founding members, La Brouette – cooperative and sustainable grocery store that offers local, organic and bulk products – in Lausanne. She has also participated for 14 years in the JVAL Openair – music festival in Begnins – and since 2017 as sponsorship manager.

After studying jazz drums with Marcel Papaux at EJMA in Lausanne, and occasionally with Pierre Favre and Daniel Humair, Luc Müller now devotes himself to improvised and experimental music.

He enlarges or modifies the usual sound field of the drums with the help of heterogeneous objects, in order to enrich his playing with new sounds and to create percussive instrumentariums adapted to the different musical projects in which he intervenes. Rather affiliated to an acoustic approach of sounds, amplified or not, he is inspired by electroacoustic or electronic music, as well as by everyday sounds in his sound research.

He regularly confronts music with the scenic arts, where he intervenes not only as a musician, composer, sound creator, but where he participates in the shaping of shows. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with directors such as Gian Manuel Rau, Evelyne Knecht, Sébastien Ribaux, Grégory Stauffer, Anne Rochat, etc. In this context he has performed, among others, at the Oriental, the Pull-Off, the Théâtre 2 21, the Petit Théâtre, the Grange de Dorigny, the Manufacture, the ADC, the Trois Ptits Tours.

Luc Müller plays in the following formations: EnsemBle baBel, Rue du Nord, Sapin Magique, Insub Meta Orchestra. He regularly participates in musical performances with Christian Marclay or around his work, with the ensemBle baBel or Okkyung Lee.

Cyril Bondi

Born in 1980 in Geneva, Cyril Bondi started playing drums at the age of fourteen in the basement of a Maison de Quartier ; he then continued his training at the AMR and the Conservatoire populaire de musique de Genève, from which he graduated in 2002.

He evolved in different projects as a drummer, percussionist: La Tène, diatribes, Cyril Cyril, Plaistow. In collaboration with Laurent Peter, he is in charge of the label/collective INSUB and organizes and directs the Insub Meta. Orchestra.

Most of his compositional work today is done in tandem with d’incise. They have recently composed for ensembles such as The Pitch, Magnus Granberg sextet or for guest musicians: Mike Maykovski, Stéphane Garin, Karen Jebane, Clara de Asis. On a more pop/rock scene, he is enjoying growing success with his duo Cyril Cyril which he shares with Cyril Yeterian.

Outside the world of music, he has worked several times in the theater with, among others, the director Eric Devanthéry. He also has participated in the ambitious project of the dancer Marthe Krummenacher Ceci est une rencontre with several dancers such as Pierre Pontvianne, Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, Anja Schmidt, Sarah Ludi and Audrey Dionis.