Parloir is an encounter between painting, music and dance, in a dialogue where a fragile body, an invisible painter and a reuniting musician tame, seek and find each other: an experience above all sensitive, pictorial and sound.

The research of the project is articulated around the interaction between these three entities where each one tries to react to the other but also to develop its own language. The body can influence the sound by its expression, the painter reflects in his expression what he can feel of this body that he does not see but whose presence he feels. The music reacts to the dance and the painting in dynamics which oscillate between the attention brought to the others and the assertion of oneself.

Parloir is a game of reciprocal influences at different levels, in which one leads the other, between power and precariousness, and whose exchanges question the different relationships that are played out between these three poles that are image, sound and movement.


Painting Joël Dewarrat
Music Adrien Vaquié
Dance Sarah Waelchli