Agneta is a company created in 2013 to support Sarah Waelchli’s projects; her choreographic language is in the tradition of Tanztheater that combines the temporality and movement of dance with narrative and dramatic situations. Sarah strives to develop her own contemporary style and to create original movements that capture her imagination and reflect her idea of an expressive, dynamic dance in which each movement makes sense.

Since her beginnings, Sarah has always been willing to involve other artists in her projects, convinced that exchanges, discussions, sharing, are essential to creation.

Moreover, since 2019 – with the Part project – she has begun to explore the possibility of presenting her creations to a wider audience than that of a theater stage, notably in the context of school performances in several communes. To do so, she collaborates closely with Margaux Monetti – a dancer and holder of a CAS in cultural mediation. Following the success of these experiences, Agneta&Cie decides, during its general assembly in 2021, to widen the goals of the association to cultural mediation.

Discontinuity and fragmentation, play or fantasy are the major tendencies of Sarah Waelchli’s Childishness and its artistic power. Wheter this Childishness is a graphic labyrinth (the duet Walk to the 10) or was uncertain between sleep, creeping, melancholy, wakefulness and archaic languor (LostThreads, a quarter) in which the choregrapher likes to install her creations. This is because childhood, lived in its bright lights and small darknesses, is often presented as a “bouquet of possibilities”, favoring perceptive metamorphoses.

Bertrand Tappolet, Gauche Hebdo, 7 june 2019