Semaine Signature

Based on the observation that teenagers rarely visit cultural venues in their neighborhoods, even though they are the culture in the making, the Semaine Signature en résidence project, conceived jointly by Margaux Monetti, professional dancer and cultural mediator, and Philippe Pellaud, Cultural Delegate of the Commune of Chêne-Bourg, wishes to place these young people at the center of artistic action by opening up a dialogue and reflecting together on the act of “poetically inhabiting the earth,” according to the expression used by the German poet, Hölderlin, in his work En bleu adorable.

Philippe Pellaud wishes to open the Théâtre du Point Favre to artists for three weeks of research. During these three weeks, the second one is systematically twinned with the school vacations of the young people in order to be able to welcome them at the Point Favre and to create an encounter with the artist “in residence”.

Semaine Signature in residence consists in taking up the Semaine Signature project conceived and realized by Margaux Monetti, welcoming a group of about ten young people between 8 and 14 years old, an age range discussed according to the needs of the artist in residence, during a week of school vacations. Here the young people are guided by the artist in residence and another artist with a different artistic practice, and are accompanied throughout the week by a cultural mediator and a social monitor. This project offers an additional (re)creativity activity in the Chêne-Bourg neighborhood, aiming to promote the inclusion of young people in their neighborhood and create a link between families and the Point Favre.

Conception Margaux Monetti, Philippe Pellaud