Into the Stream

A piece by Manuela Aranguibel Molano and Sarah Waelchli

The choreography is based on repetition, lines, tension, physicality, musicality and on the relationship between two persons in space and in life.

In this piece, the physicality arises from the repetition of movements and their variations over time, almost imperceptible variations in speed, dynamics and complexity.

The energy and the dancer’s tiredness give a special tone to the pièce. The dancers don’t need to play with their emotions because the movements and the atmosphere speak for themselves.

The story, present and strong in our minds, is not told directly, so everyone can feel that something really deep is happening between the two dancers and build up their own story from this feeling. The goal was to give a space for the public’s imagination.

20 minutes

Choreography and interpretation Manuela Aranguibel Molano and Sarah Waelchli
Music Go for the Stream from Sinner DC