Bleu comme une orange

A piece by Sarah Waelchli

Love is infinite yet unique to each person
Love is mysterious yet universal
Love is frightening yet fascinating
Love is manifest yet beyond our comprehension
Love touches every part of us, inspiring both body and mind.

To understand the complexity and vastness of love, we tend to compartmentalize, classify and organize it. We are reassured by the finite, and frightened by the infinite. Yet the many facets of love are impossible to catalogue and arrange in little boxes.

Our senses alert us to what is happening, sometimes even before our minds catch on – and this can be disconcerting. Our bodies talk to us, overwhelming us with physical sensations. Do we really listen to our senses? Do we learn to feel and trust what our bodies are telling us? Is there tension between mind and body? Between brain and gut?

Love not only connects two individuals in a lasting relationship, it is also a deep-seated feeling that connects us to others, to the whole. Love is at once upheaval, catalyst and revelation, it can make us feel invincible, or it can be devastating. Love is what remains when we eliminate the background sounds of life. Love is powerful, and it is present everywhere. Love is what links us to the whole in the most beautiful manner.

60 minutes

Conception Sarah Waelchli in collaboration with the performers
Performers Arnaud Mathey, Margaux Monetti, Luc Müller, Pauline Raineri and Sarah Waelchli
Dramaturgy and costumes Marie Romanens
Scenography Mathilde Aubineau
Sound Marcin de Morsier
Lighting design Jonas Bernath

Le Galpon à Genève et l’Oriental à Vevey