Et si c’était magique?

A piece by SCHRITT Collective

This new dance/music creation leads the spectators to the discovery of a poetic universe. In a space of sounds to which the dance echoes, everything is constantly constructed and deconstructed. The universe is moving, the energies between the protagonists and the visual and sound landscapes redefine themselves indefinitely. Musicians and dancers gradually appropriate this new universe which opens to them and of which they are at the same time creators and explorers.

30 minutes

Conception and dance Margaux Monetti and Sarah Waelchli
Conception and music Marcin de Morsier and Luc Müller
Administration Elizabeth Waelchli

Financial supports
Communes de Bernex, Chêne-Bourg et Meyrin, Fondation Suisse des Interprètes SIS, Loterie Romande

Summer 2021 in Lancy, Chêne-Bourg and Bernex