KlangTanz #3

A piece by SCHRITT Collective

KlangTanz #3 is a creation for a drummer and a dancer, a duo that explores the roles of each and tests their limits. The dancer and the musician interfere on each other’s sounds, intervene on the bodies and instruments, or become moving instruments. The space is transformed and tells the story of the meeting between sound and movement as well as a meeting between two people: different luggage, pooling of this luggage, testing the limits of the other by invading his space and by disturbing him in his task.

Indifference, curiosity, approaching movements, alternately retreating from one and insisting on the other: KlangTanz #3 is an invitation to discover the other, a questioning of reciprocal influences, a research oscillating between complementarities and differences, between compromise and collaboration.

The piece was conceived to appeal to different audiences; playful, cheerful and dynamic, it is aimed at both children and adults, as much at those who are discovering contemporary expressions as at those who are more familiar with these artistic forms, or even who practice them.

40 minutes

Conception and dance Sarah Waelchli
Conception and percussion Luc Müller

Financial support and residence
La Ville de Lausanne
La Monade

The 25th of February 2021 at la Blue Factory in the frame of the online festival Xocolat Hasard 3
From the 21st until the 24th of September 2021 in the frame of the cultural discoveries organized by the City of Lausanne