Mouvances Sonores

A performance by SCHRITT Collective

This new music/dance creation leads spectators to (re)discover a place through the prism of sound and movement. These highlight the particularities of the place: architecture, natural elements and all the sounds that make it up. Mouvances Sonores is an immersion in a concrete and daily place revisited poetically.

The universe is moving, the energies between the protagonists and the visual and sound landscapes are constantly redefined, revealing the “extraordinary” side of the place. Mouvances Sonores is an itinerant immersion in a public space, inviting people to discover a place in a different way, to question themselves on its visual and sound components, on the bodies and the imagination.

40 minutes

Conception and dance Margaux Monetti and Sarah Waelchli
Conception and music Marcin de Morsier, Ariel Garcia and Luc Müller
Administration Elisabeth Waelchli

Financial support
Communes of Chêne-Bourg and Meyrin, Bains des Pâquis, Fondation Suisse des Interprètes SIS

Summer 2022 in Chêne-Bourg, Meyrin and Bains des Pâquis